viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Engendro - The Storm Is Alive

Banda: Engendro
Genero: Melodic Black Metal
Origen: Honduras
Disco: The Storm Is Alive
Año: 2006

01 At The Gates Of Minas Tirith
02 Enslaved By The Dragons
03 The Hideaway
04 The Howling
05 Cenizas
06 Deader
07 Looking Down
08 The First Storm
09 Born In Flames
10 Cenizas    
11 The Last Day    
12 Crónica De Un Demente
13 La Victoria Es Nuestra

Equinoxio - Punishment of Souls

Banda: Equinoxio
Genero: Black Metal
Origen: Panama
Disco: Punishment Of Soul
Año: 2007

01 Pacta Conventa Daemonum
02 Heralds of Darkness
03 Punishment of Souls
04 We Shall Dig the Grave
05 Thousand Year Reign
06 Born for Blasphemy
07 Summoning of Evil Hordes
08 Forged in Fire
09 Black Abyss of Sheoll
10 Enter The Path of Hallucination
11 Pagan Supremacy

Nyctalgia - Time Changed Everything

Banda:  Nyctalgia
Genero: Ambient, Shoegaze
Origen: Suiza
Disco: Time Changed Everything
Año: 2009

01 Nyctalgia
02 Time Changed Everything...
03 Remains Of A Blue Rose
04 Mira...
05 Falling Into Nothingness

From Forgotten Being - Black Cataclysm

Banda: From Forgotten Being
Genero: Black Metal
Origen: Mexico
Disco: Black Cataclysm
Año: 2005

01 Evil from the Forest
02 The Final Battle (The Conquest)
03 The Celebration of the Demons
04 Black Prophecies
05 Black Cataclysm
06 Throne of the Sinister